ardor & sage is a full-service studio, providing professional hair, nail, and body services for men, women, and children, as well as wedding and occasion services by request.

we have four goals for every visit

1. relaxation

You book more than a service with us; we guarantee you a break. Let us pamper you like you deserve.

2. confidence Boost

Good hair days aren’t just about your hair. Your confidence level affects every part of your day, so let’s bump it up a notch or two.

3. uplifting environment

Our goal is to be more than your stylist; we want to be friends. (we pride ourselves in being gossip-free!) But instead of catching up over coffee, we’ll hold the shears.

4. continued care

Of course, we’ll take care of you in the chair, but we’ll also make sure you have the tools and techniques you need at home to make every day feel like appointment day.

we’d love for your transformation to be next!
here’s how to schedule your next visit:

1. Book your appointment

Select your stylist, select your service, select your time. It’s that simple. We can’t wait to see you! (Call us for questions or special requests!)

2. Let us serve you

You don’t need all the answers; that’s our job. your maximum prep is showing us your Pinterest board. We’ll take care of the rest!

3. Love your look

Hope compliments don’t make you blush, because we won’t let you leave until you (and your hair) are happy!

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